Friday, October 24, 2008

Affiliate prophet and newbie marketers relation.

It is not right to judge the affiliate prophet as only an affiliate marketing tool.It is a very useful tool for all internet marketers specially for those who spend for traffic through PPC and don't know how to manage their campaigns for maximum profit instead of big loss.

It helps to have good conversions by tracking all the activities and hard work of an internet marketer.

Affiliate Prophet is the ultimate tracking software that allows to track and test ads and elements on a landing page which only makes an internet marketer spend less, save more, and profit even more.

some mistakes made by newbies and unprofessional internet marketers.

Today many people are trying the internet to make money by various techniques and one of them is affiliate marketing. Everyday a new person joins affiliate marketing with some dreams of making money and make many mistakes.
The biggest mistake most newbie marketers make is that they do not track the stats. They only try to make the landing page look fancy.It does not matter how you are driving traffic, but this is especially crucial to those who spend for traffic through PPC because PPC can be costly, especially when done wrong.
The next big mistake newbies make is, they make advertising campaign decisions based on money making dreams and what they "think" would work but not on statistics and figures.This is the worst part of the most of the newbie internet marketers.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Affiliate Prophet Introduction

Affiliate Prophet is a revolutionary marketing system/software that should be a perfect target for newbies and affiliate marketers.The author of Affiliate Prophet is the same who launched Conversion Prophet successfully earlier this year,which was a huge success. Affiliate Prophet is a much improved version of Conversion Prophet.It is really going to rock.
Please keep in touch with us for updated information about this great system/software.